Step 1a - Script installation
In order to start the installation process, we need to find out some information about your forum such as the URL. This ensures that your Dynamo account can only be used by your forum and no one else's.

To quicken this process, below is a script that will do all the work for you. Please add it to your forum by inserting it in:

Admin CP >> Themes >> Board Template >> Above the Copyright

Step 1b - Collecting data
Now that you have this code installed, go back to your forum.

A popup will appear with some text (don't worry, your members won't see this popup!). Please copy the text and paste it below:

Step 2a - Script removal
Thank you , we now have the necessary information about your forum, so please remove the script you just installed in the last step.
Step 2b - Processing information
We are now processing your information and adding it to the database, please wait (we won't take too long!).

Step 3a - Some code
Please add the following code to the top of:

Admin CP >> Themes >> Board Template >> Javascripts

Step 3b - Some more code!
Please add the following code to the top of:

Admin CP >> Themes >> Board Template >> Below the Board

Step 4a - Update groups
ZetaBoards Dynamo has now been installed on your forum, but it doesn't yet know what groups you have (like Administrator, Moderator etc).

You can tell Dynamo by clicking here, and this will perform an update.

(hint: you need to click the link before you can proceed)
Told you it was quick!
Before you can use Dynamo to its potential you will need to configure its settings.

To help with this, we have added a User CP dropdown to the top right of your forum. At the moment, the only item available in the dropdown is the Admin CP.

Clicking the Admin CP will take you to Dynamo's Admin CP, specifically designed for your forum. In here you are able to install more features and configure some other settings, such as which user groups can access this Admin CP. For detailed information on what features you can install, please check the Features page above!

Ilex Forext