ZetaBoards Dynamo is the ultimate modification for your ZetaBoards forum.

Installing this modification opens your forum up to new possibilities by implementing new features which are not originally available to use. Examples of such features are a currency system which allows members to make virtual money when they post, and then donate money to other members as they please.

Admins have complete control over what features they want to install and how the features work. For example, in the currency system you have the option to restrict certain user groups from being able to donate to others.
716 forums have ZetaBoards Dynamo installed.
42,956 members are using ZetaBoards Dynamo. That's an average of 60 members per forum!
9 features have been released.
The average forum has 2 features installed.

Hot! The currency system is the most popular feature and has been installed on 424 forums!
Lonely The topic rating is the least popular feature and has only been installed on 1 forums :( .